What are the best project management apps?

management apps

In the digital age, the job of a project manager can be made easier with the right app. Project management apps are used the world over to help with planning, timelines, team calendars, task management, scheduling, and more. The only problem with project management apps is that there are too many to choose from. With new apps being launched all the time, it can be hard to keep track of which ones to use and which to avoid.
To make it easier for you, we’ve reviewed the best apps for project managers in 2019:

1.Understand the Current Situation and the Risk Involved

1. ProofHub: A great overall project management tool with powerful features that any project manager can take advantage of. It acts as a central hub for all your projects. It can also be used to manage your teams with an effective in-built communication mechanism. The easy to use app makes it simple to create your plans and assign milestones to stakeholders to ensure everything is organized the way you want it.

2. Troop Messenger: Troop messenger is an instant messaging application that lets your team engage and collaborate from any location. The best thing is, it has multiple communication options to suit your needs. Audio, video calls, group chat functionality, and screen sharing capability make it the perfect collaborating tool for project managers.

3. Taskworld: Taskworld is arguably the most visually appealing project management app available. It provides a visually beautiful way to track projects and performance of your team. It makes task allocation simple, with functionality for easy planning and delegation among team members. Taskworld is ideal for those looking to boost their task management skills.

4. Hubstaff Tasks: The Agile fans out there will love Hubstaff. The app is Agile focused with an emphasis on sprints and Kanban boards. It allows teams to manage their individual tasks and keep everyone updated on the status of their milestones. This makes tracking work progress easy for project managers and ensures they’re on top of everything.

Hubstaff Tasks

5. Monday.com: For the project managers who really like the in-depth detail of their projects then Monday.com is for you. It provides collaborative functionality for planning, organizing and tracking milestones. Project managers can manage workflows and stay up to date on all the moving parts of a project no matter how big or small.

6. Asana: Asana is the most user-friendly project management app of 2019. The intuitive user interface makes it an effective app for tracking team projects. The simple interface makes it easy to prioritize tasks and make changes in real-time to ensure your team can be more productive and efficient.

7. Scoro: A great app for streamlining work processes and helping to eliminate mundane and repetitive tasks. It’s an end-to-end business management tool that simply makes it easier to get work done and stay in control. It generates real-time reports on the status of your projects, team members and budgets to give you peace of mind that you know the ins and outs of the project your managing.


8. Trello: Trello is a favorite project management tool across most industries. No matter what type or size of project you’re running, Trello provides a flexible and simple way to organize it all. From overall objectives to smaller milestones, track it all with Trello and ensure the team is across everything they need to be across. The great thing about Trello is that it also integrates with other apps, so you can get the best out of Trello while continuing to use your other favorite applications.

9. Quire: Quire is the perfect tool for the project manager who likes to break milestones down into smaller tasks. Quire makes it easy to put together to-do lists and checklists for individual goals that have lots of moving parts. You can easily create hierarchical lists and highlight the more crucial tasks that need more focus.

10. Casual: Casual is great for those who prefer visuals. The app gives project managers the option to plan tasks by drawing a flowchart, making it easy to visualize and map out task priorities. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use with appealing visuals that encourage your team to use it more often.

11. Podio: A project management app designed specifically for the medium to larger project teams. What differentiates Podio from other apps is the additional features available to users such as CRM capability. It’s a customizable workflow management solution that will ensure stronger collaboration within teams that will have them working in sync.

12. OmniPlan: OmniPlan is another great app for the visually inclined project managers. It places an emphasis on the use of Gantt charts to outline, map out and manage projects. Its simple user interface makes it easy to create a project outline and then work through each phase to completion. The Gantt charts are interactive and easy to edit which makes project planning painless.

13. Basecamp: Arguably the most well-known and one of the most popular project management apps on the market. It provides everything you’d expect from a project management app and allows easy organization of projects in a central location. Create checklists, notes, calendars, and milestones with ease. If you ever feel like your projects are slipping out of control, basecamp is the app to help you get back on top of things and instill a sense of calm among the project team.

Final Thoughts:

With all these apps at your fingertips, project management has never been easier. Choose the apps that work best for you and take care of your team, milestones, and pending deadlines. Most of these apps are regularly updated so keep an eye out to ensure you don’t miss out on new functionality.

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What are the best project management apps?

In the digital age, the job of a project manager can be made easier with the right app. Project management apps are used the world over to help with planning, timelines, team calendars, task management, scheduling, and more. The only

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